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The West Hall wing of the Beirut Symposium houses an inspiring business lobby, elaborately adorned with revolving art collections and pieces that give the structure a truly unique character and identity.

In essence, West Hall is a dynamic setting whose appearance evolves with the seasons, holidays and other occasions. As such, it creates a vibrant and interchangeable ambiance and introduces visitors to diverse art forms, including paintings, photography, ceramics and many other items.

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Flexibility, Modernism and Exposure.

The space has a flexible structure to accommodate corporate events, book signings, workshops, art exhibitions etc... and will be particularly featuring 3 local artists working around sculpting, photography and painting.

The West Hall links the traditional and the modern, the standard and the more prevailing ways of working. Its aim is to portray the fast moving environment nowadays and favor networking channels on collective and professional grounds.

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Maya Dahdouh

Paradoxes and Contradiction

A collection of hand painted artwork using several painting techniques.
Maya mixes colors, shapes and human figures to represent the illusions of life, the amalgamation of all living things, and the inexplicable aspects of human nature.

pia Dahdouh el-haddad

Paradoxes and Contradiction

Pia fills her family house with her love for creativity; from creating and sharing specialty dishes to painting and using other mixed media artwork, to producing handcrafted objects, she strives to express her love for colors and the evolution of life in many different ways.

Jessica Bonja

Paradoxes and Contradiction

Jessica is a human resources consultant on the professional side, focusing on both identifying human capabilities and potential within the workplace. On the artistic side, her photography work focuses on capturing frozen moments and putting them into life again in a series of photomontages, intentional mood settings and themed scenery.