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The Executive Center is a veritable hybrid in the world of full-service business venues. It caters to the widest possible scope of needs of professionals and commercial enterprises with some of the most state-of-the-art facilities and amenities required in modern-day commerce.

The Beirut Symposium includes a variety of offices, as well as a tastefully arranged cigar lounge at East Hall.

The center also accommodates the more creative sensibilities of visitors at the West Hall of the Symposium, where the spirit of culture, art and imaginative thinking is promoted and encouraged.

Service quality

The elegance and sophistication inherent in the design, finishing and services offered by the venue, as well as adherence to premium architectural standards reflect the meticulous attention that was a central aspect of the Center’s conception and execution.


The Center includes ample public and visitor parking facilities, in addition to individual private tenant spaces. 


The Beirut Symposium is broadly situated on the axis between Lebanon’s Metn region, the international Damascus Highway and the Beirut Central District (BCD).

Reception: 01- 498 791

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